more on the purpose of this blog

Walt the Race Director mentioned in a couple of the team meetings that some companies have expressed interest in entering the 2007 race but don’t know where to start in car building. I volunteered to contribute some of what I know, and so this blog was started. Its certainly not meant to be an authoritative nor exhaustive study of Canary Derby Race Car construction. I hope it gives new teams a bit of an assist in getting started.

I really would like other teams to comment and contribute. Yes its a race, and so we won’t share all our ideas, but in keeping with the purpose of the Canary Derby I think a bit of collaboration will help all of us, especially new teams.

Sometimes I imagine that this year all of the cars will look similar, a natural selection process (after all, the cars will be subjected to the same conditions). But then I remind myself that the people in the companies entering all have strong ideas and opinions as to what makes the best car.

I hope there will be a diversity of approaches, its much more interesting and fun that way.

So please, if you have any tips or resources you would like to share, let me know and I will publish them here.

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