May 2nd meeting notes

I haven’t decided whether the builders meetings make me more or less nervous about the race. Anyhow, here are some points mentioned yesterday that I found important.

-total of 21 teams entered
-some of the new teams at meeting, very enthusiastic.
-Camosun College entering team, they have extensive fabrication facilities (grrr)

-finish line will be crosswalk out back, out of bounds (ie stop car before) will be speed bump further on (over 200 feet).
-race day will be busy, approx 65 races in total. Will be a challenge to turn cars around and back up hill in short time.
-they need volunteers desperately!!
-race teams supply crew at finish to load car
-entire team must sign release, only team members in pit area
-drivers sign release too and must be there early (9am or before) to have meeting with director
-drivers will be weighed and given wrist band with weight and ID to wear.
-we won’t be carrying cars up to start via stairs, have to push car around the “long way” (you know what i mean).
-it will be much better organised as to calling cars for race etc.
-each car gets at least 4 runs, 2 in morning, 2 in afternoon.
-best total times (inside and outside lanes) is what counts (like last year)
-radar gun will be positioned at corner, so will get speed to, and away from corner.

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