social event and construction pics

An afternoon of drinks and chat today with other Canary Derby teams. A highlight was the demonstration of a wireless timing system designed and built by Archipeligo. Its a pretty slick set up, they get my vote for best tech innovation.

Seeing as it is only 2 weeks from the practice day, and seeing as we were all having a drink, the details of our car designs started to dribble out. Different approaches, from low profile to high. By the way, if anyone would like a custom made water tunnel as seen in that linked article, drop me a line.

Here are some early construction pics of our (Aspreva) car. You can see the pan view is a symmetric airfoil shape. A curved fiberglass fairing will cover the top and bottom plywood “plates”. The driver is totally within the car, looking out front through clear Lexan front (the open areas).





Its about 112″ long, max width 19″, height as shown is 19″, but body will be higher by about 4 inches when top and bottom fairing applied. Wheels are 27″/700c, road rims with mountain bike hubs (20mm axle), discs on rear wheels (Avid BB5), moderate tires (28 mm Panaracer).

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