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some race day pictures

from Aspreva team member Eric













from Dale at Archipeligo (thanks again to those Archi guys for the timing system)


results in but not in

what a great race. Schneider Electric never faultered and came in first. We came in a close second, and Camosun College third.

I  will post the official times when I get a hold of them, and some pictures.

race day schedule

On the right, in the “sharing box”, is a copy of the racing day schedule.

practice day times

Dale at Archipeligo sent me the times recorded on practice day, here they are.

practice day/tech inspection

A wet but interesting day. The cars this year are varied in design and exceptionally well made. Some cars looked pretty well finished, others (like ours), still had some work to be done. Archipelago’s timing system seemed to work perfectly, I think they will be emailing the recorded times to all the teams.

There was a radar gun on the course but I didn’t record the speeds. Off hand I think the maximum speed at the corner was around 37-39 kph, not really much different than last year, I was expecting someone to hit 40. I do know that Schneider Electric had the fastest radar speed. I think there are about half a dozen cars behind Schneider in a tight pack.

Our car ran unpainted and without bottom or axle fairings. I estimated that the un-faired portion of the total car frontal area was around 25%. Putting those fairings on *should* make the car faster. We also ran without wheel discs (we are using the heat shrink mylar wheel cover technique). Our wheels are larger than the ones we used last year, longer spokes, more air resistance.

Here a few pics of some of the cars… we didn’t get any pics of Carmanah’s car, but if you want to get an idea of what it looks like just glance at the blog’s masthead, ie last year’s Aspreva car (dig-dig).

Archipeligo’s carArchipeligo’s carBC Cancer Agnecy/Canamera’s car

unknown car #1unknown car #1Schneider Electric’s car

unknown car #2unknown car #3unknown car #4

Aspreva’s driver “trying on” carAspreva driver and designerwaiting in line

Aspreva’s car on rampAspreva’s car on course

day before tech inspection

Big day tomorrow, the technical inspection and practice runs. I’ve been having some building problems this last week. Its the underside fairing, I screwed up in concept and in practice. Result is the fairing to axle transitions are not very sleek or sexy. Because of that we won’t have our car painted before tomorrow.

Someone said to me that you’re not a real builder unless your working on your car late into the night before the race.

I hope to post pictures and commentary of practice day.