Ladies and Gentlemen… Start your Canaries! (2008 Canary Derby Technical Kick-off)

Message from Race Director Walt…

Pre-launch technical meeting – Wednesday, January 23 (location TBA)
2008 Race Date – June 14
Things we’ve been working on over the winter
2007 Wrap-up report (attached)

YES – it’s that time of year… time to dust off the rules of gravity and start trying to use them for our advantage – it’s Canary Derby Time! I hope you had a happy New Year’s and holiday season. If you’ve been fretting about the extra holiday poundage you may have acquired… just think – it’ll make your entry in the 2008 Canary Derby go even faster… dieting is for slow people.

Pre-launch technical meeting – Wednesday, January 23 (location TBA):
We will officially ‘launch’ the race in the coming months, but I wanted to bring the technical brains behind last year’s race together to discuss plans for this year. I invite you to a pre-event meeting on Wednesday January 23rd from 5pm to 7pm… (No location confirmed just yet – details to follow) There will be a formal agenda circulated to cover the first hour and the second hour will be brain storming and casual conversation. I know everyone’s busy – so if you can drop in at any time it would be great to see you.

First and foremost, I want to hear from you about what worked and what didn’t… AND – what you think was missing that we can add this year. As we go into year 3, I think we have a good foundation (both technically and procedurally) and I hope we can push forward to do things more efficiently – and make sure everyone has the very best time possible.

2008 Race date – June 14:
This year the race will be held on Saturday June 14. The practice day will likely be held on May 31st. Depending on the ramps and volunteers, we might even do an additional an earlier test day as well.

Things we’ve been working on over the winter:
No… the off-season wasn’t all about turkey and football (what happened to my Dolphins?!?!). There have been some discussions about things to add / change / improve for this coming year… Here are some thought starters.

§ A new ramp set up
§ I want to investigate a “Fun category” that would emphasize creativity / innovation / and fun.
§ Race volunteers from race teams
§ A start area BBQ for team members
§ Car building blog / wiki – better web presence for car builders
§ Improve the process of getting cars up to the top of the track
§ Continue to develop the Archipelago Timing System
§ Improving the movement of cars between the pits and the ramp

If you want the details of these thoughts… come to the meeting. J

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